We can offer a range of services in science communication and public engagement, including, but not limited to, the below. If you're interested in finding out more about how we could work with you, please get in touch: we are always excited to discuss new projects.



Mercurious offers bespoke training for volunteers and staff in topics ranging from creativity in citizen science, engaging with policy makers and ecological surveying. Our philosophy is to create a friendly and relaxed environment, where we can support individuals on their learning journey.

We deliver fun, interactive workshops across the UK, ranging from creativity in science, science communication for researchers, and climate conversations. We use a combination of introductory lectures, hands-on activities and outdoor learning to introduce and familiarise participants with complex concepts. We can also provide co-development workshops.


Mercurious can provide a communications role for a range of scientific or public engagement projects. We can provide engaging, innovative content and interactions across a range of media.

We can engage with the public effectively and through a variety of media,  promote knowledge exchange and  facilitate workshops or feedback sessions. We are experienced in using social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, can design and deliver email newsletters or webinars, or provide face to face events. We can design and deliver a communications plan for whole projects. 



Mercurious specialises in the design and delivery of effective citizen science projects. We provide advice on best practice and methodological design, and can undertake volunteer management as well as project evaluation.

We work with partners across the US and Europe in citizen science to share knowledge and learning on topics including scientific literacy, data quality and volunteer motivations. We can support organisations across any sector to ensure that citizen science projects are designed to maximise data robustness and deliver high quality volunteer experiences.


Mercurious can provide leads, moderators or facilitators for events and workshops, online or in person. We specialise in workshops around marine, policy, community engagement, climate or co-design.

We can design workshops to answer specific client questions, and work within companies or engage with a wider range of stakeholders. We can facilitate group workshops, or support co-design processes.  We have experience in hosting panel sessions including moderating Q&A and discussions.